Architectural Products

Demountable Walls

Our design team can add more organization and privacy to your space without constructing unnecessary permanent walls. Demountable walls and systems are ideal for offices and business that see the need to maneuver and alter frequently. With the advantage of detaching and reorganized in a short period, the possibilities are endless.


ALUR combines the simple elegance of glass with the precision of cast aluminum. ALUR glass walls transform what was once hidden into an inspiration of form and function.

Window Treatments

Omega chooses MechoShades window treatments because they offer quality and innovation that stand the test of time. Their state-of-the-art manual, motorized, automated and integrated shading systems meet our specifications to complete our clients’ installation effectively and efficiently.


MechoShades has been the leading innovator of manual, motorized, and automated solar-shading and room-darkening solutions for more than 50 years.


They offer Daylight Sensor and Roller Shade Control with EnOcean® wireless technology that has the power to monitor interior daylight and adjust the shade accordingly. With this type of technology in place, our clients can reduce energy consumption and operations costs.

Acoustic Solutions


A workplace buzzing with excitement can increase productivity. Taken a step too far, and workers will be driven to distraction. Keep disruptive noise levels at bay with HON’s acoustical solutions by Unika Vaev that are designed to help absorb and diffuse sound within workspace interiors.

Acoustical wall tiles

Acoustical wall tiles get the job done and look good while doing it with unique patterns that add texture and dimension. Control noise levels while making a pitch-perfect design statement with a wide variety of color and style options that effortlessly attach to walls.

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