Omega Commercial Interiors Named Select Dealer of Kimball Office

Kimball Office is a full-facility provider dedicated to providing quality office solutions. Recently, Omega Commercial Interiors was awarded a Select Dealer status from Kimball Office. Being a Select Dealer is the highest level of partnership between a dealership and Kimball Office. This dealership represents Kimball Office as their leading product, insuring customers of the highest level of service and demonstrating exceptional value by integrating the vast array of products from the Kimball Office brand.

A Guide to Ergonomics

Just a desk job? Working in an office day after day can have a bigger impact on our bodies than we may think. If you have experienced back pain, wrist pain or lack of mobility after a day at the office, it’s time for a change. One effective way that businesses and employees are combating the traditional “desk job” is with ergonomics. Take a look: