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Nate & Natty™ Conference and Side Chairs by Kimball®

Nate & Natty™ Conference and Side Chairs by Kimball®
Nate & Natty™ lean toward residential design to meet the demands of a reducing footprint in business real estate successfully accomplishing an adaptable space that balances comfort with work.

Nate & Natty™ Conference Chair with Arms and Swivel Base

Nate & Natty™ Conference Chair with Arms and Swivel Base

Nate & Natty™ Counter-Height Stool with Arms and Wood Legs

Nate & Natty™ Counter-Height Stool with Arms and Wood Legs
Nate & Natty™ Counter-Height Stool with Arms and Wood Legs

Nate & Natty™ Details

Nate & Natty™ Details and Options
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[tz-title tz_type=”2″ tz_title=”Client Reviews” tz_color_title=”#ffffff”][quote tz_type=”type3″ tz_pagination=”hide” tz_arrow=”show”][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Tony Caridi” tz_employment_option=”hide” tz_content=”We presented Omega with an interesting challenge. We needed a corporate feel for our first floor and a retro-industrial style on our second floor. Peggy and the crew did a great job of successfully giving us the look and feel we desired. Installation went very smoothly. We had a great experience.” tz_author=”3531″][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Andrew Leonard” tz_employment_option=”hide” tz_content=”David and Peggy are second to none when it comes to office interior design. They understand the needs of a functional office environment better than anyone else I have come across. On top of they’re knowledge, Omega has a fantastic staff that supplies top notch customer service. I would recommend this company to anyone.” tz_author=”3531″][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Bret Kennedy” tz_employment_option=”hide” tz_content=”Omega was great to work with! Sabre was very insightful. She helped us to make better use of our small space. We are now able to accomplish more with the limited space we have. Thanks so much for the help, Sabre.” tz_author=”3531″][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Shane Fordyce” tz_content=”Omega has the most professional, courteous, and knowledgeable team in the interior design business. I would not go to any other source than Omega due to their willingness to consult in all aspects of the utilization of our office space, not just those that are profitable. I would recommend Omega to anyone in need of office design help.” tz_author=”3531″][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Chip VanAlsburg” tz_content=”Exceptional customer service, timely responses to inquiries and flexible to our needs. I would highly recommend Omega Commercial Interiors to anyone that demands the best. Save yourself the trouble of shopping around and choose this WV owned and operated business.” tz_author=”3531″][quote_item tz_image_option=”show” tz_name_option=”show” tz_name=”Josh Konigsberg” tz_content=”Beautiful designs, very professional combined with fabulous work, it doesn’t get any better than that!!! If you need commercial interior design and office furniture in Morgantown, WV or surrounding areas, Omega Commercial Interiors is the right company for you. A++” tz_author=”3531″][/quote]
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