Architectural Walls

Architectural Walls

KIA dealership-office furniture-designed by Omega Commercial Interiors

The architectural wall concept that trends today is that a wall can be a “living wall”- meaning that a wall is no longer looked at as a barricade, but more as a part of the interior design and functuality. Walls are placed where people can get the most benefit improving on their well-being and performance. Makers are continually reinventing the wall concept, thinking outside the box, and producing aesthetically pleasing experiences. Inspiring products, like combinations of steel and glass, are trending and here to stay.

Unitized wall panels are factory built arriving pre-assembled and ready to place. The architectural walls are built to be mobile and ready to change when your business requires change. If you change your mind, you can change your wall. The versatile infrastructure allows you to make changes of any scale, from moving a window or outlet to moving a panel or door. Data lines and quick connect electrical wiring are easily accessible throughout the wall system, allowing for change in technology without disrupting the wall units. The mobile walls may be utilized for writing or magnetic surfaces, brand re-inforcement and media content.

Digital technology has affected everything in design, right down to the walls in the office. A wide range of integrated multimedia provides instant access to digital content that can be placed within every wall panel elevation in a space. Touch control technologies are available for lighting, temperature, blinds and media. Media walls are expanded into a complete media center by incorporating tablets or laptops. Sound panels mark a new era by fully integrating invisible speaker systems. Dynamic lighting, blinds, fashion impressions, and transparent to privacy options are shaping the future of glass wall panels.

Beautifully precise solutions for any ceiling height or building dimension are available. Kits of parts including bulkheads and HVAC systems are available so that designers can create seamless floor to ceiling finishes. Architectural walls are springing up into all kinds of industries including healthcare, corporations, restaurants, hospitality and small business. Be a part of the next generation by considering this type of architectural design in your next rennovation.

NXTWALL® Demountable Architectural Walls

Architectural walls combine optimum functionality with exceptional beauty. From simple space division to high-performance working environments, movable walls from NxtWall® offer limitless possibilities.

NxtWall Architectural Wall Systems are custom built and exceptionally flexible and easy to adapt to your needs. NxtWall’s Flex and View Series are perfect for new construction and renovation projects in any commercial, industrial, governmental or institutional building. NxtWall’s field-fit approach reduces costs, saves time, and offers the ability to reconfigure any workspace with transition and growth. Their solid wall panel and glass systems integrate with any design and can be paired with whiteboards, fabric panels, smart glass technology, and many other office features that encourage collaboration and improve the office environment.

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