Mid-Century Modern, ‘On the Rise Again!’

The demand for open and inclusive spaces in the workforce is one of the reasons mid-century modern design is making its way back into the office.

Mid-Century Modern, ‘On the Rise Again!’

Flexibility in Function

As one of the most celebrated and appreciated styles, it is not surprising that mid-century modern design is rising up again in the commercial property industry. There are a few key elements that are consistent among every mid-century modern environment. Those are light, clean lines and shapes, functionality, minimal ornamentation, embellishment in textures and exploration in materials.

The demand for open and inclusive spaces in the workforce is a reason why mid-century modern design is making its way back into the office. The versatility of mid century modern furniture allows for flexibility in function of the space. With simple clean lines, mid-century modern spaces look sophisticated and feel timeless. So how is it we can achieve this?

This furniture collection is a combination from National and Kimball. Omega Commercial Interiors is a Select Kimball Dealer.

Achieving this Look

Geometric Shapes-

Incorporate asymmetrical angles and geometric shapes and patterns. Include light fixtures, area rugs, artwork or window treatments that display geometric shapes or patterns. Mid-century modern furniture has minimal ornamentation. The furniture typically flaunts geometric shapes coming in combinations of natural materials such as wood, leather, polished metals and glass. Designers from the mid-century era celebrated the industry and manufacturing explosion. Therefore, many pieces of the furniture are molded plastics and plywoods to form geometric shapes.

Incorporate Nature-

The mid-century modern design is partial to natural things so fuse some natural elements into the space. For offices, choose some low maintenance plants such as succulents that grow in a variety of colors and shapes. Other natural elements like wall features that display stacked stones or bamboo flooring are easy ways to bring the outside in. Use an earth tone palette for paints and upholsteries to make your space feel more organic.

Lighten up-

Use large glass elements and windows to help reflect natural light all about the space. Lighten up the color palette with whites or sandstones if the space is lacking natural light. Light is very important to the well-being of visitors and inhabitants of the space. Use white furniture elements and choose large geometric overhead lighting if the space falls short on light. Layer lighting with additional side lights or table lamps.

Mid Century Modern Look-conference and chairs- MVB Bank Reston, Va
Conference table and chairs

Repurpose and Reclaim-

Incorporate recycled and reclaimed elements into the design because they are so appreciated by many. Each piece possesses its own unique feature and are good conversation starters encouraging collaboration and community spirit.

To recap, every mid-century modern environment celebrates-

  • light
  • clean lines and shapes
  • functionality
  • minimal ornamentation
  • embellishment in textures
  • exploration in materials

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