Omega’s Top Resimercial Picks for 2018

Omega’s top resimercial picks for 2018 are Kimball pieces from the Pairings, Splendor, Dwell, Bloom, Nash, Boyd and Pose lines. Residential-inspired elements are brought into this workspace while still maintaining the commercial quality needed for such a space.

Omega’s Top Resimercial Picks for 2018

Resimercial- Residential-inspired Commercial Space

Pictured above are Kimball pieces from the PairingsTM, DwellTM and SplendorTM Lines, which are Omega’s top resimercial picks for 2018. Since work and life are blending into one, PairingsTM takes inspiration from both. Its soft feel and refined aesthetic make it possible to create a welcoming setting where people feel right at home. The Splendor chairs’ captivating silhouette, subtle details and gentle curves are designed to provide coziness as well as freedom of movement that truly increases functionality and adaptability. Residential-inspired elements are brought into this workspace while still maintaining the commercial quality needed for such a space. This is a trend that is likely to stay because the lines between work and home life are increasingly blurred- much of us do work in the comfort of our homes after hours. We are starting to realize spaces in which we operate need not be any different. Featured below are BloomTM Chairs from Kimball. The chair’s graceful curves and refined shape offers a welcoming place to work casually and comfortably. Also pictured are NashTM Stools.

Kimball's Resimercial Bloom and Nash
Kimball’s Bloom and Nash Lines

Accommodation in Return for Production

Corporations are now trying to accommodate employees by offering the comforts at home in their work areas. By incorporating a variety of furniture elements throughout the workspace, it becomes a space that people want to be in. We all need our work environment to progress with the changes around us. Advancement in technology now allows us to be more mobile and we want to be able to take advantage of that. We are ready for the freedom to work when and where we feel most comfortable because we know it helps us be more productive, creative and interconnected.

Resimercial Design by Kimball- Boyd Line

BoydTM from Kimball (above) adds a warm, welcoming appeal to any workspace. In lobbies, common areas, or private offices, it creates a natural place to work, relax or socialize.

Residential Furniture Complicates Commercial Design

Designers are incorporating a variety of spaces from open areas that facilitate collaboration to secluded areas that allow for more concentration. They concentrate on ambient features like lighting, décor, noise levels and temperature to reduce structure and increase the feeling of comfort so employees are inspired to stay. They look for durable upholsteries that offer soft seating in subdued colors. Low lounge seats, stools and end tables with low light lamps are also choices that add a touch of home. In addition, leather in dark colors like oxblood red or emerald green paired with metallic finishes can add a touch of glamour to commercial spaces.

Kimball's Resimercial Line from Pose
Pose from Kimball- “In Place in any Space”

PoseTM from Kimball (above) is a clean, modern design that brings comfortable utility to any environment. A smart menu of seat and table components allows for unlimited options for furnishing useful gathering places. PoseTM can enhance offices, lobbies, community spaces, educational settings, healthcare spaces and more. Residential-inspired furniture allows for more freedom and flexibility, but can complicate commercial design. Omega’s top resimercial picks for 2018 are from Kimball. Feel free to contact one of our designers at Omega Commercial Interiors for assistance with resimercial design.