Cheatlake – “Life Above the Ordinary ” July 2016

Recently, Omega Commercial Interiors was awarded a Select Dealer status by Kimball Office, a leader in innovative product solutions for the workplace.

Cheatlake – “Life Above the Ordinary ” July 2016

Resident Business Beat

Cheat Lake “Life Above the Ordinary” is a social magazine exclusively for the neighborhoods surrounding Cheat Lake. “Resident Business Beat” was published in the July 2016 edition by Kevin Armstrong.

Omega Commercial Interiors is the only Select Dealer for Kimball Office in West Virginia.

Recently, Omega Commercial Interiors was awarded a Select Dealer status by Kimball Office, a leader in innovative product solutions for the workplace. A Select Dealer exemplifies the highest level of partnership between a dealership and Kimball Office. Omega was one of 32 businesses in the country to receive this honor. Only firms that met stringent service requirements were eligible for the award.

Cheat Lake resident David McCormick grew up in Logan, West Virginia. While in Logan he saw his family run its own business. The business has continued to thrive for over 80 years, which inspired David to start something on his own. When he learned of the healthcare and commercial expansion in the growing Morgantown area, he thought of an idea for a business opportunity.

Peggy Lovio at her Desk at Omega Commercial Interiors

David McCormick at his desk at Omega Commercial InteriorsAlthough David has a degree in marketing and many years of business expertise, he knew he needed a designer for his new business. He had worked at a similar establishment in the late ‘90s when he met Peggy Schifano Lovio. They worked together from 1999 to 2013. Peggy has a background in interior design; therefore, the two opened Omega Commercial Interiors in December of 2013.

The staff at Omega Commercial Interiors assists with all aspects of workplace interior design. Businesses contact Omega when space planning is needed for a crowded office or conceptual interior design is desired for a new building. At times a workplace may simply need a refreshing update to an existing space.

Some of the products available through Omega include systems furniture, seating, lobby and waiting room furniture, carpeting and conference room furniture, demountable walls, sound masking, raised flooring and window shades. Owners Peggy and David, along with their associates, have a combined 58 years of experience in interior consulting and office furniture. They are experts in creating solutions to your needs in the workplace.

Omega Commercial Interiors is unique in that its goal is not just to sell office furniture as many other companies do. A staff of four designers is on hand to provide the service needed to decorate, update and customize an office space. Just as you would carefully plan the updates and renovations to your home, the designers at Omega will do the same for your office. Since many of us spend as much time at work as we do at home, consider Omega as a means of improving the space in which you work.

Cheat Lake Life Above the Ordinary is proud to include Omega Commercial Interiors as a trusted sponsor of the magazine.