Comfortable Space for Family Members

Omega Commercial Interiors partnered with Kimball Office to provide the clinics, patient rooms and waiting areas with quality furniture and finishes.

Comfortable Space for Family Members

The largest of the WVU Medicine family, J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital, recently renovated and constructed new facilities. They had high traffic areas that required furniture that was durable but still needed to create a welcoming and comfortable space for those people who needed to utilize the areas. Omega Commercial Interiors partnered with Kimball Office to provide the clinics, patient rooms and waiting areas with quality furniture and finishes.

Comfortable Space starts with Seating

To create a comfortable space where families are encouraged to participate in the care of the patient, the seating needed to be functional and equally comfortable for extended periods of sitting. The Wieland SleepToo® Sofa with the Wieland Accord Recliner was quite useful while my family had an extended stay at the hospital. This sofa/bed is located throughout the pediatric floor at the WVU South East Tower in the patient rooms.

I didn’t know this at the time but it comes with 3 “bleach cleanable” vinyl materials. The solid surface table in the middle rises so that your legs fit underneath and also lowers to form a couch to allow three people to sit. The convenient USB/Power port located under the table saved me from searching for a charging outlet. The button in the back lets the sofa collapse into a bed, so resting was made easy right next to our little patient.

Comfortable Space that’s Innovative

Interior Design Magazine named SleepToo® to the “Decade of Design.” Wieland’s SleepToo® patient room furniture is part of Interior Design’s “Best of” book series that includes a Best of Residential, Best of Hospitality and a Best of Office. The hardcover book is a delightful resource on the best design work found in all sectors spotlighting projects and products from a decade between 2006 and 2015. It contains 300 innovative, influential projects and 150 or more products of which many were also Interior Design Best of Year Award winners. It is meant to celebrate the impressive output of the world’s leading design companies.

Comfortable Space that’s Visually Appealing

SleepToo® is the only healthcare furniture honored in the book. Wieland introduced SleepToo® in 2011 as its newest multi-functional healthcare furniture. It was the first to incorporate adjustable height tables that were engineered to hold 500lbs. The surface can be used for dining or a workspace when elevated and at its lowest position it easily folds forward to create a bed or a 3-person sofa. Evidence-based design research specifically for patient care has shown in the past the importance of providing comfortable space for family members ensures that they participate as part of the patient’s healthcare team. By design, SleepToo® offers families what they need to become part of the healing process.

SleepToo® has that designer clean look that fits with any architecture and all the units are completely customizable. They have separate seat cushions that allows for additional changes. There a variety of arm cap types, leg styles, ottomans, and blank panels or drawers available in thermoform, wood or fabric.

Comfortable Space that’s Renewable

Wieland environmentally designed the SleepToo® components to be fully renewable, meaning that the parts are easily replaceable or the unit is easily reconditioned if necessary to prevent waste. Upholstery can also be easily replaced if necessary. The steel frame in the unit is backed by a 25-year warranty.

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