David and Lisa McCormick at their Cheat Lake Home.

Cheat Lake- “Life Above the Ordinary”

Meet the Neighbors

Cheat Lake “Life Above the Ordinary” is a social magazine exclusively for the neighborhoods surrounding Cheat Lake. “Meet the Neighbors” was published in the October 2015 edition by Kevin Armstrong.

The McCormick Family

Lisa and David McCormick enjoy the peace and quiet of living in Cheat Lake while still being close enough to get to all the action in Morgantown. David, owner of Omega Commercial Interiors and McCormick Properties, also has a consulting firm, Business Development Strategies. Lisa is a Corporate Secretary in charge of Investor Relations for MVB Bank, Inc. They frequently head into town for work, dining and fun. After a long day, they enjoy relaxing on the deck with a glass of wine and the calm surroundings of home.

David McCormick with his wife, Lisa in Florida.David and Lisa McCormick before DinnerLisa, originally from Fairmont, West Virginia, attended OIC in Fairmont and obtained her Investor Relations Certification from the University of California Irvine Extension’s online classes. She enjoys bowling, walking, eating out at favorite restaurants, and watching WVU sports. She also likes hanging out with friends and family.

David, from Logan, West Virginia, earned business degrees from WVU. He likes golf, running and exercising at Lakeview Fitness Center. He’s a big fan of WVU basketball. He also likes to head to the family farm in Monroe County for some hunting and fishing.

Together the McCormicks enjoy a nice dinner. David will often grill while Lisa prepares the vegetables to accompany the meal. When there’s no time to cook, restaurants are a big hit. The McCormicks like to frequent Table 9, Oliverios, Provoloni’s, Tropics, Sargasso and Stefanos.

What To Know About Open Plan Offices

An open plan is great for offices full of employees who work together on a daily basis. There are no distinct rooms or fully enclosed spaces but rather an exposed floor plan with workstations positioned together. Open floor plans in work settings can improve interaction and team building among workers. Here are a few of the advantages of open floor plans in the office and what products can add the perfect touch for your needs.

Omega Commercial Interiors becomes the official home run sponsor of the West Virginia Black Bears

Omega Commercial Interiors gives back to the community by being the official home run sponsor of the West Virginia Black Bears baseball team. This is the 2nd consecutive year that Omega Commercial Interiors will donate $50 per home run hit in the baseball season to M-SNAP.

David and Peggy wanted to thank their customers by hosting a customer appreciation night. Their customers got to experience a game from one of the West Virginia Black Bears luxury suites, complete with catered food and drink. They also provided the firework show that evening at the end of the game. All of Omega Commercial Interiors customers had the best seat in the house for the game and the after show. David and Peggy’s customers and employees got to have a fun evening and it’s great exposure for their growing company. David is a huge baseball fan and was delighted to throw out the first pitch.

Omega Commercial Interiors Named Select Dealer of Kimball Office

Kimball Office is a full-facility provider dedicated to providing quality office solutions. Recently, Omega Commercial Interiors was awarded a Select Dealer status from Kimball Office. Being a Select Dealer is the highest level of partnership between a dealership and Kimball Office. This dealership represents Kimball Office as their leading product, insuring customers of the highest level of service and demonstrating exceptional value by integrating the vast array of products from the Kimball Office brand.

How Seating and Furniture Can Enhance Education and Learning

Did you know the right furniture has the ability to enhance education and learning? The right desks, chairs and furniture can make a positive difference in stimulating and developing a learning environment. At Omega Commercial Interiors, we are listening to the needs of educators and offices by providing furniture solutions from superior brands. Here’s how the right type of seating and furniture can positively impact your learning environment.